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How can men support feminists on social media and beyond?

Protestors converging on Washington

Hundreds of thousands of protesters spearheaded by women’s rights groups converged on Washington, and took part in protests around the world, to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. Photograph: Armend Nimani/AFP/Getty Images

Here is a great example of how social media is being used to promote awareness.

There are literally countless scenarios in the past decade where social media has proven to be a tool to promote a cause and raise awareness during a conflict.

The article linked below is directly asking you to answer "how men can best support feminists, and women in general, on social media." Follow the link and fill out their form!

To answer with your opinion, here is a link to the original article written by Carmen Fishwick at The Guardian:

Twitter is one of the most active arenas where people are sharing their thoughts and getting in on the action on events that are happening right in the moment.

If your business, NGO or non-profit is tackling an important issue at large in the world, contact us to find out how we can help with your cause.

What is your opinion? How can men better support our women on social media, and just as importantly, in the real world? Or share your experiences with us where you have seen examples of men standing up for women.

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