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16-Step Marketing Game Plan

Our 16-Step Social Media Strategy

Becoming Experts Of

Your Product/Service

We always start our Audits and Marketing Strategies with Research into your niche and company. 


In order to effectively market for you, we must understand your field.


We have become knowledgeable in Dentistry, Roofing, Cannabis, Mats, Furniture, and more!


We soon hope to be learning about your company too!

Becoming Experts photo.jpg

Conducting Audits

On Your Current

Social Media Practices

An audit will analyze and report on your current social media practices before we implement our strategy.


We will report on how frequently you post, what types of content worked and what didn't, along with comparing your social media accounts to your competitor's accounts.


This will help us create and implement your new Marketing Strategy.

Audit banner empty.jpg

Developing a

Marketing Strategy

The next step after being acquainted with your brand and looking at the level of your current social media is Developing a Marketing Strategy.


This includes creating a content calendar that includes Photos, Videos, Animations, and Graphics we will schedule to create.


It also includes keywords and engagement strategies which we will discuss next.

Marketing Stratgey 2 empty.jpg

Identifying & Reaching Your Targeted Audience

From our research and your current customer database we can determine your targeted audience.


Depending on whether or

not your service/product is confined to a

certain area or is international, we can geographically target and engage with new customers via location and 

platform best practices.

Targets audience empty.jpg


& Even Drone!

Once we have determined a content schedule, it's Creation Time!


Whether it's photos of your team at work or video's of your service or product in action, it's time to get viral!


We add even more to the experience with our Insured Drone Pilots and Animation Team.


It's time to tell your companies story. empty.jpg

Engagement Strategy

Along with our Professional Content Creation Abilities, our Engagement Strategy is what set's

us apart from any other Marketing Agency.


We invest and spend the time messaging and getting to know your followers! Nothing is automated, and no generic copy/paste messages will be sent, NONE!

We send genuine, personalized messages/comments to your followers by visiting their profile and getting to know them a bit.


Quality vs. Quantity always wins!

We will NEVER buy fake followers &


engagement empty.jpg

Scheduling Content

For Approval

We use a program to plan all of our content posts a month in advance. We will send you a link to view the curated content for your approval.


During the approval process, you can give us any revisions/edits and we will make the changes. Posts will include the media being used, description, tags, hashtags, date/time, and the platform.


This is a great way to see a month of content at a glance before being posted.

Scheduling content empty.jpg

Instant Monitoring

& Responding

Multiple members of our team are always logged into your social accounts via our cell phones and tablets.


We are instantly notified of all comments and messages and will respond appropriately and in a timely manner.


This also includes removing any spam/fake comments and forwarding any leads to you or your sales team.

Instant monitoring empty.jpg

Web Design Included With

All Marketing Packages!

If you don't already have a website or are in need of a new one.


When you sign up with one of our monthly marketing packages we will design and host your website!


Already have a website you love?

No problem!

If you ever need any graphic or articles added, we will help you in that department!

Web design.jpg

Graphic & Logo Design

Social Media Posts with a lot of writing usually do not do very well and it hurts your profile due to social media algorithms.


With that being said, a few words with a graphic design and photo/video can capture the eyes of your audience!

Along with Content Graphics we can also design and/or redesign your logo. We’ve designed print materials from 2 inch business cards to 48 ft billboards!

Graphic Design.jpg

Blog & Content Writing

Blogs are very important for Search Engine Optimization.


They help increase your Google Ranking and show your audience that you are an expert in your field.


Followers also love and appreciate free advice! Give Value to Get Value!

Blog writing empty.jpg

Pay Per Click

Campaigns (PPC)

Pay per click ad campaigns, also known as PPC, are paid ads through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

By allocating part of your social media budget to PPC we can create and manage these campaigns.


PPC is great for specifically targeted certain demographics you wouldn't be able to target otherwise.

PPC banner empty.jpg


measurable goals

After a month of implementing our Marketing Strategy, we will be able to set measurable goals for each upcoming month in terms of followers, leads, likes, reach, clicks, and more.

Measure Goals empty.jpg


analytics reports

During the first week of the month we will send you a detailed analytics report of the Marketing Efforts of the previous month.


The report will include visual representations of data from a variety of programs we use along with descriptions of the graphs.


We will also draw conclusions and write recommendations for the following month.

Analytics empty.jpg

Return Of Investment (ROI)

So, how do you make money from our social media efforts?


Our main goal is to increase your brand awareness and get you leads which we funnel to you or your sales team.


We focus on getting you warm and hot leads, quality vs. quantity.


These quality leads from social media will convert to an increase of sales for you and your company!

ROI empty.jpg

At the end of the day, we want to make money and we want to make you money.


We are a local, honest, and hard working company with a lot of talent and spunk!


We know we've got what it takes to increase your brands awareness and profits, and we've got the results to prove it.


So let's set up a meeting, and we'll show you what we've got! We look forward to working together for many years to come!

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Building Fruitful, Long-lasting, 

Business Relationships

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