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16 Most Popular Hashtags for Instagram of 2016

Curious to know what the most popular hashtags for Instagram were in 2016? Here they are:

4. #tbt

10. #me

An important point to note is that the best Instagram hashtags do not necessarily mean that they are the best one's you should be using for your business. Yes, they are the most popular, but you will have a much better chance at finding your relevant target audience if you choose hashtags specific to your industry. Ie. dental offices have a variety of different hashtags they could use such as #dentist #health #checkup #white etc. However, that doesn't mean stray away from these super star most popular hashtags at the first sight you see them.

A good practice would be to use some of these along side your industry related hashtags in a relevant way, such as participating in "Throw Back Thursday", otherwise known in the minimal hashtag style as #tbt. If we're taking our dental clinic example further, we could upload an early photo of the staff team together during the opening day of the dental clinic followed by #tbt #squad #happyteam #dentist among other hashtags. Choosing the right hashtag on Instagram for your company may not be a straight forward task, especially if you plan on building a mass of new followers, it takes proper planning and exquisite execution. Contact Us so our team can discuss how we can benefit you and your business for the new year going into 2017. Pascal


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